Anita van den Broek Design

I am a designer and photographer living in Hampshire.

My love of design started with the pleasure I gained from sewing when I was a little girl. My mother, who lives in Holland, is a quilter and has always worked with fabric and threads. When I was 14 she booked a sewing course for me. I have never looked back! My original designs are often made on fabric and stitched into as well, usually using free-machine embroidery which I love doing.

My work is inspired by a passion for colour and texture. By dyeing my natural fabrics using cold water dyes, and experimenting with varying textures. I create great varieties of shades that produce a beautiful harmony.

I also paint onto my fabrics and find this gives me beautiful colour and texture at the same time. Once the background of a piece is prepared, I then stitch into the fabric. The original pieces are then transformed into digital designs that are then collated into a collection.

My work is mainly abstract and I hand frame most of my original pieces in bespoke frames to suit the piece.

To see my work, you can click here and take a look through my portfolio. To see my work in person, please contact me to arrange a meeting. I am also available for commissions.

Alternatively, for more information, please download my flyer.